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Power Save

Do you want to save up to 25% on your monthly electric bill?

Power Save 1200Deregulation for Electric companies in Pennsylvania has started. The caps that were put in place 10 years ago to control your electric prices have now expired. What does that mean to the consumer? Your electric bill is going up approximately 30%. The good news is that there are many ways you can help offset that cost such as choosing your own electric supplier. Another way to reduce your monthly electric bills that we have implemented for many of our residential and commecial clients is the Power Save 1200 for Residential use and Power Save 3200 / 3400 for Commercial use.

How Does the Power-Save Unit Work?

The Power-Save reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing (in its capacitors) otherwise lost electricity (watts) caused by the inductive motors in your home. (Some examples of inductive motors are Air Conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners, furnace blower motors, fans etc.) The technology applied by the Power-Save 1200™ Unit supplies that stored electricity back to your inductive loads, thus causing you to decrease your demand from the utility. If you decrease your demand from the utility, your meter slows down, and you use less electricity. The thought is, you’ve already paid for that electricity, why pay for it and waste it when you can pay for it, store it, and reuse it again. This whole process is called power factor optimization.

What is Power Factor?

Power factor is the percentage of electricity that’s delivered to your house and used effectively, compared to what is wasted. For example, a 1.0 power factor means that all the electricity that’s being delivered to your home is being used effectively for its purpose. However, most homes in America today have a .77 power factor or less. This means that 77% of the electricity that is coming thru your meter at your home or business is being used effectively, the other 23% is being wasted by your inductive load. With a low power factor, the utility has to deliver more electricity to do the same work. However, the Power-Save unit increases that power factor in most cases to .97 or .98, thus increasing the effective use of your electricity and lowering your usage.

Will the Power-Save affect any of my appliances and their normal use?

No, if anything, your motors will run about 10% cooler, which is good for a motor because heat is the enemy of a motor.

How much can I expect to save per month by using the Power-Save?

That depends on many factors. The size of your home, the amount of inductive motor load, and the amount you are paying per kilowatt-hour for electricity etc. However, generally speaking users of the product have seen up to 25% in reduced consumption, but the average savings is somewhere in the 15% to 20% range.

Why haven’t I heard of these product until now?

That’s easy, two words “cost effectiveness”. Up until recently, electric rates throughout America were cheap, costing us 2, 3 or 4 cents per kilowatt-hour. Now, electric rates are 8, 10, 12, 14, and 19 and in some cases New York City is 22 cents per Kwh, and Hawaii is 33.5 cents per Kwh. At the cheaper rates the Power-Save didn’t make sense, but at the current rates, it makes all the sense in the world.

What About Power-Save for Surge Protection?

The Power-Save also protects the entire home against power surges. No longer a need for so many surge protectors in the home. The Power-Save 1200 provides a broad range of protection for hardwired appliances and most home electronics such as televisions, satellite equipment, entertainment systems, etc. The unit protects from power line surges as well as spikes caused by internal wiring problems, loose connections and fluctuating demand from large motors such as appliances, vacuum cleaners, heating and cooling equipment, etc.

The PowerSave 3200 / 3400

The Power save 3200/ 3400 is the same product but for 3 phase and larger services. We have found even greater savings for commercial use. During our testing we have found many businesses run on very poor power factor. Gas stations, bagel shops, grocery stores, service stations, etc... These businesses have benefited greatly from this product. The following is an important statement made by Baltimore Gas & Electric on their website concerning Power Factor:

”Power factor measures how effectively your operation uses electrical power. Poor power factor means your facility is using and paying for more electricity than it needs while doing the same amount of work. The net result is higher demand charges on your electric bill and overtaxing your internal wires and transformers.”

Call us today and we will come out and test your meter for free! That is the best way to find out if this is the right product for you.

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